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Qualification and certification of NDT personnel

The DGZfP Training Center Hamburg/HELLING

At the end of the 1970s, the HELLING Ausbildungszentrum (HAZ) was transformed into a training center. In-house training and exams for penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing were offered. These were carried out in the premises of the former HELLING KG, close to the port of Hamburg.

In September 1983, the training center was recognised as a DGZfP training center (AZHH). The training program for NDT personnel was expanded: PT, MT, RT and UT according to the DGZfP guideline at that time.

Training program 1992

In 1989, the HELLINGHAUS in the Sylvesteralle in Hamburg-Stellingen with its spacious premises (seminar and laboratory rooms, X-ray bunker) was opened.

HELLINGHAUS Hamburg-Stellingen

In 1995, the DGZfP Training Center Hamburg/HELLING, which still exists under this name, was established.

Qualification examinations and certifications are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the DGZfP Personnel Certification Body (DPZ). In addition, the DGZfP Training Center Hamburg/HELLING is also an approved training center for NDT personnel of the TÜV Nord certification body.

At HELLINGHAUS, in cooperation with the DGZfP e.V., level 1 and level 2 training and qualification courses are currently offered in the following NDT methods:

  • PT Penetrant testing
  • MT Magnetic particle testing
  • VT Visual testing
  • UT Ultrasonic testing
  • RT Radiographic test
  • SP/BA Radiation protection for NDT personnel and radiation protection officers

Planned training programm for 2022 (generally trainings are performed in German language): Course overview AZHH 2022

For more information about the Hamburg/HELLING Training Center, please see the flyer:

... to the flyer "Training Center Hamburg/HELLING

Qualification and certification
of NDT test personnel according to EN ISO 9712

For the standard-compliant performance of non-destructive material testing in accordance with EN ISO 9712 qualified and certified Level 1 or Level 2 NDT personnel is usually required .

The three-level qualification system distinguishes

Level 1 Examiner:

The Level 1 test personnel is qualified to perform NDT work according to inspection instructions under the supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 personnel.

Does not include:

  • Selection of test methods and testing technology
  • Independent evaluation of the test results

Level 2 Examiner:

The Level 2 Inspector is qualified to perform and direct non-destructive testing in accordance with established or generally accepted procedures.

Level 3 Examiner:

The Level 3 NDT personnel is qualified to lead any NDT activity for which the person is certified.

Level 3 training and qualification exams are currently only offered at the DGZfP Training Center in Berlin (AZB).

To the level 3 trainings and qualification exams: DGZfP Training Program

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