Radiographic testing


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Radiographic testing

At HELLING you can purchase all consumables such as X-ray films, auxiliary and measuring products for film viewing and film evaluation, as well as materials for film marking and film development.

Please inquire for other X-ray film sizes. We are also happy to offer film developing machines and chemicals for film development on request.

X-ray films

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HELLING GmbH is the official representative of FUJI Industrial X-RAY products and offers a wide range of sheet and roll films for radiographic testing (RT) with X-rays or gamma radiation.

E-Pak Vacuum pack with intermediate layers without Pb foil 50 sheets
EP/PB Vacuum pack with PB foil 50 sheets
NIF Packing without intermediate layers 100 sheets

Film frames

Film viewing

Image quality indicator

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The detail detectability of a radiographic image depends largely on the image quality of the film.

The different image quality indicators (IQI) and their application for determining the IQI number of an exposure. are therefore specified in standards such as EN ISO 19232 "Non-destructive testing - Image quality of Radiographic images".

IQIs are supplied together with a declaration of conformity (e.g. according to ISO/IEC Guide 22).

Density step wedge

Film marking

X-ray measuring tapes and cassettes

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